18 December 2009

08 November 2009

Presentation Day

I have been taking this Radio Hosting and Board Casing course since March, and was doing this final project for 3 months with 9 classmates.

Finally, today we did our presentation and tutor commented "This is the best one ever since this course started in 2007". I am just too happy today to hear that.

Also I did this presentation book and everyone loved it so much, tutor said it again and again "This is really really nice!" ha, it worths all the hard work then!

21 July 2009

South China VS Tottenham on 2nd Aug, 09

Have already bought tickets thru fans club, yay!

Open Tickets available: July 25th, 09
Box office at HK Stadium (opening hours:10am-6pm everyday)
Enquiry hotline: 2895-7964

14 July 2009


Weekend去了台北3天, 星期五晚在「西門紅樓-河岸留言展演館」看過許志安《歌人》Gig。

西門紅樓是台北古蹟之一, 外表看來有點像「西港城」, 看show前匆匆走了一圈,看來一般用作文化表演/展覽等, 就如香港的「藝穗會」。

河岸留言展演館雖然只能容納幾百人, 但裏面有酒吧, 表演台前有十數張小檯, 而我們坐在第一排其中一張, 邊飲邊看。

許志安在我們兩三米的距離唱了大概兩個鐘, 當晚90%的選曲都應該不會在香港的演唱會選唱, 還可以飲酒, 那可能是一生人一次的經驗。個show的唯一缺點是- 他唱live跟播碟一樣的! 真的唱得很好!

一向不喜歡看show時拍照/拍片, 但都忍不住拍了一段留念。

03 July 2009



第一次看到《殺人犯》的宣傳係一個月前, 放在戲院必經電梯口前的大紙版, 只看到一雙目露兇光, 但認得那是郭富城.

上星期五, 新一輪地鐵海報上場, 遠遠已看到那張血紅色上, 看似精神病的close-up照, 有點懷疑, 那是郭富城嗎? 心想- 嘩! 駛唔駛去到咁盡?

近年少見港產片有如此鋪天蓋地的宣傳, 電台, 上網, 雜誌, 邊個都走唔甩. 聞說是荷里活一間電影公司有份投資的.

不過宣傳只幫到上映初期的票房, 之後都是靠電影本身質素及口埤.

好期待, 希望看到一套好電影!

28 April 2009

Spurs in Hong Kong

This is announced in their official website, Tottenham is coming to HK this summer on 2/8/09! What a good news!

Quote from official website:

We have agreed to visit Hong Kong to face South China at the Hong Kong National Stadium on Sunday August 2, kick off TBC.
South China have claimed more domestic honours than any other side in Hong Kong and currently lead the Hong Kong national championship by eight points with three games remaining in their attempt to win a 30th league title. They are yet to suffer defeat in 21 league fixtures so far this season.
Executive Director Paul Barber said: "We are delighted to accept the invitation to visit Hong Kong to play South China. We enjoyed great success on our most recent visit to the Far East when we won the Peace Cup in South Korea in 2005 and we have always been keen to return to the region.
"The Premier League is watched by millions throughout Asia and so we feel it is important to give these supporters the opportunity to come and watch games involving Premier League clubs for themselves.
"We have always enjoyed huge support worldwide and it is a sign of our tradition and success that we can now look to expand our appeal in markets such as Asia."

08 April 2009


自從internet將生活簡化, 生活的小驚喜都少了。

明天出發外遊, 以前的日子, 要記得早些去機場check-in; 要求坐路口, 未上到機都不知地勤有沒有「坤」你。

明天機, 昨天已經check-in, 選好自己座位位置; 不特止, 我已經知道班機有哪些電影看 (回程那些都知呢), 選好來回程共8套想看的, 希望今晚睡夠, 可以看到最少3部吧!

BTW, 仲未執行李, 明天7am 出門口......

順帶一提, 國泰個網頁做得很好, user friendly之餘, 資料又齊, 感到自已受專重似的。 有些網又慢又亂, 得幾行資料重要成日error, 有時真的令人氣憤, 那些websites 或可讓你期待小驚喜的出現吧!

** 15/4/09後記:
上機後發現娛樂系統壞了, 等了三個鐘加半個鐘reset系統才有得看... 幸好那是新機, 經濟位都有商務位的系統, 很多電影選擇, 又可隨時開始/暫停電影。證明生活還是佈滿驚喜的。